Saturday, 4 October 2014

Whoop a new stitch

A few months ago when I was at Christine's learning to crochet I watched her crochet a baby blanket and I fell in love.  Now I don't know anyone having a baby, so I didn't want to make a blanket.  However, as I saw Christine working on it, I thought it'd make a fab shawl/wrap.  I choose my wool and it was put in her cupboard until I felt ready to try it.

Today was the day.  Now I have found this harder than I ever imagined, but am pleased with my progress so far.   You start in a corner and work on a diagonal - that's the closest I can describe it!  I love the self striping yarn which gives you a lot of one colour before changing colours (Jo - I think that's why I didn't like the green, the colours changed too quickly).

I am also working on a blanket for the Hubby.  I love that as it is just stripes of colour, though I have run out of the denim blue I have been using - how do you work out how much you'll need?  I generally choose one ball of each colour and suspect that I have to start buying two of each colour and take it from there!!!!


  1. Look at you with your new stitches, the shawl's going to be beautiful. I never know how much yarn I'll need so I just keep buying more when I run out. I've just read your last post, haven't you been lucky? This time of year is when I have to be very stern with myself and resist putting lots of magazines in the shopping trolley, I love all the Christmas editions.

    1. I haven't gotten into the Christmas magazines so far, as I am always disappointed that I haven't done more by the time Christmas arrives - but this year I am feeling the pull!!!!!