Sunday, 19 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

I've just asked H what's made me happy this week and his response was an enthusiastic "I don't know" sigh!!!!!

So here we go;

1) Meeting L for lunch.  We used to work together in Leeds and when since I left work we have made a real effort to meet up.  We usually go to the same place and even though we look at the menu EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we usually order the same things - do you do that?  This was the first time we'd met up since her secret wedding and we were belatedly celebrating my 40th.

2) Walking Anni in the local woods.  I am not a fan of woods, in fact I'd go as far to say they scare me a little (my reoccurring nightmare being filled with trees).  Anni loves the woods, she can go off lead and it's the only time she is not scared of her own shadow.  She runs off and explores, it's a joy to see.  Yesterday we went by ourselves (and will probably today too), she found every mud bath and jumped in them all - nice.  I have noticed though that when we go in the woods with others she is a lot more prepared to explore further away.  When it is the 2 of us, she stays by my side for much of the walk - I do wonder whether she's picking up on my anxiety?

My Mum and Dad have been away this week, so we've had A LOT of this (in fact it's where she is now);

I don't think she can understand where my Mum and Dad are and why they haven't been done to see her!!!!!

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  1. Awww, we had a dog just like Anni when I was a kid, he was such a lovely dog. Archie loves to walk in the woods too, he snuffles about, there must be so many wonderful scents for dogs there, and like Anni, he always manages to find all the muddy puddles.