Thursday, 16 October 2014

Waiting in............... on Thursday

The food we feed Anni (no not the stuff she begs from us, "but I need to share your baked beans, they might be poisoned, so I will dribble down your leg until you add some to my biscuits") is expensive.

When we had our first dog Patch we went through many different kinds of food before we settled on the brand we still use today.  Now some were discounted as they smelt so bad when you opened then, I felt ill, some smelt badly afterwards if you know what I mean :-), some were rubbish and I quickly realised I wouldn't feed them to my dog!!!!

Patch keeping warm at the allotment!

Patch in bed
Patch was a really touchy feely dog, if I was sat cross legged on the floor then she'd come and curl up on my knee!  When we had the old sofa, not only would she be on the sofa but she had to be as close to you as possible.  She was a fabulous first dog for anyone and completely stole my heart.

Anyway,  the dog food we buy is expensive.  At the local pet shop it is over £10 a bag more expensive, so we order through Amazon.  Now, I'd prefer to support a local shop - that's why i buy my wool from a local shop (honest love!), but we can't afford to do so.  So I ordered on Monday night, was told to expect it by the following Monday.  Fair enough, Anni has enough to keep going, then another email telling me it was due today, then another to say it was out on the van.  Great communication, but I have now been sat here since 9am and it still isn't here.  Anni is anxiously looking out of the window asking for her walk and I need to go and buy some food for tea (well lunch really, but eating rice krispies for lunch won't kill me for once - but boy am I hungry!).  I dare not go and do any jobs in case I miss the delivery.

We live in a 4 story house and it wouldn't be the first time that I was in the kitchen washing up (down one floor), heard the door, ran upstairs and the delivery man was climbing back in his van to drive off - who knew I could shout so loudly!!!!

So that's why the ironing isn't being done and the washing up will have to wait a little while longer.......

On a good note, H does not work on a Wednesday and we had a lovely relaxed day yesterday which ended in takeaway pizza and a vodka and coke (or 2) whilst we watched "The Fifth Estate".  TFE is a film about Wikileaks and Julian Assange (though I want to call him Julian Astrange).  Now, I do not know who made the film and what, if any, bias they may have but wow what a film.  It really made me think that Wikileaks wasn't a bad thing- even if they were misguided to say the least that they didn't edit any documents to remove personal data.  However, JA does not come across as a decent person, that his whole philosophy was to gain fame and notoriety- well I guess he managed that.  Again, the film may be biased and maybe JA is the nicest person in the world who has been accused of crimes so that he can be silenced by the powers that be....................

and a photo of Anni so she doesn't feel left out!!!!  "Go on, I need some sandwich"

Edited to add:  It is 12.40pm on Friday and still no sign of the parcel!

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