Friday, 24 October 2014

and go

As you may know we are getting to the stage where we need to sell our house.  It is a 4 storey Victorian terraced house which I fell in love with as soon as I walked through the front door over 17 years ago now.

The one room I have never been a fan off is the kitchen.  We put off putting a new one in as we had grand plans of converting the cellar (behind the kitchen) and when we had the energy we didn't have the money, and when we had a little money H's health wasn't up to it.

Anyway, we need to sell and our kitchen is pants.  I have so little storage, a rubbish oven (in my new kitchen - wherever that maybe I'm saving up for a Neff oven - the one on Great British Bakeoff, where the door opens and tucks under the oven (never thought an oven would make me happy!)).

My Dad and I are going to titivate it up (oh to have storage, makes my heart sing).

Oh heck, Dad is down there now and I have forgotten to take a before photo - oh well I guess that maybe for the best.  Photos will be added as we progress.  Aren't Dads great (and Mums - before she complains!).

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