Thursday, 24 October 2013

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday it chucked it down.  I spent the morning in IKEA finally replacing the bedding which caught fire in the washing machine last week.  Thanks Mum and Dad for taking me to a place you wouldn't venture in normally.....  Anni also thanks you for the stuffed rabbit she was bought.  She loves her babbit!!!!!

Then as it seemed to have stopped raining we decided to take Anni through the woods.  Big mistake as it hadn't stopped raining, at all.  I have to find some wellies that fit fat legs.  Still Anni loves getting wet so at least one of us was happy.

Straight in
The stream in the woods was rushing past and Anni was straight in.  She has no fear of water at all.  She fears many things but not water.  She needs to work on her patience though.  All I asked was for a couple of photos and I got this......

Look this way

Quick he's not paying attention
 Do you think she's comfy?  She wouldn't settle last night, it was a cold one.  So I gave in, added a blanket to the sofa and let her up.  It was okay until my leg went to sleep too!!!!!!

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