Friday, 4 October 2013

Crafty Friday

It's been a grand day today, despite the rain and more rain and yet more rain. Did I mention it has been raining - a lot?

I had a 20% off email for a local pub so my Hubby and I went this lunchtime for a date.  We've been married for 16 years and sometimes you forget to make time for each other.  Once a week we try and focus on each other and make sure we do something nice.  It usually involves a takeaway and a dvd but this week we thought we'd be different.  We have a pub I'm dying to try out as it looks lovely on Facebook but my voucher ran out today for our local so we thought we'd keep my pub for another day.  We both pigged on burgers and were so full we actually left chips - now if you know us you'll know we have NEVER EVER left chips before.  Indeed we are a little worried that our Yorkshire-ness will be diminished by our chip leaving status - so shush don't tell anyone.  S - that means you!!!!!! (No photos as forgot phone and also feel a little weird taking photos of food in public places).

I did get some fabulous post today.  After my excitement yesterday about learning to Purl I went on line and ordered myself some more wool.  I found a fab website (click here), I ordered at 3.18pm yesterday and I had my order this morning.  Talk about speedy.  I have already chosen my new wool when it gets back into stock.  Perhaps I am turning into a real knitter........

New Wool
 I also bought one of these (I used to make one with cardboard when I was a little girl - do you know what I am talking about?)

 It is so easy to use and so quick.  A little expensive but I think I may treat myself to the bigger sizes in the next year or so.  My Mum wants me to make her some pom poms so perhaps she'll buy the size she wants and I can make them for her.

Pom Pom makers
 You get 2 in a packet, lovely colours and they make.......

Pom Poms (ignore the mess)
I have also been knitting furiously at the moment - want a sneak peak?  It's great watching TV whilst knitting away.  I love my bamboo needles (thank you M).  I used to knit on metal needles but the noise of them clicking together set my teeth on edge.  I think you have to find which needles work best for you when you are knitting.  Wonder what I am making.......... Anyone think of anything which may be fast approaching???????

I can knit 
Bamboo needles

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