Thursday, 17 October 2013

This and That

I made it into Leeds today to meet a friend M for lunch.  I had planned on catching an early bus and spend some time shopping but I slept in a little and by the time I got into Leeds I only have 50 minutes before I had to meet M.  I did manage Primark,  a shop I don't usually like and bought a couple of bits.  I only usually go into this shop about twice a year so I think I'm done for the year now!  

M and I met for lunch in our usual bar.  We feel quite naughty having something with chips as we catch up.  Today M went for a burger and when it arrived we were perplexed as to how you manage to get yer gob round it............

Massive burger

Then home to a recovering hubby and active dog.  Do you think she missed me?

What treat?

I haven't felt like doing much crafting this week as I've been feeling so ill.  I did make a couple of cards though.  I can show one which has arrived with my friend.  I do enjoy using stamps and colouring them in - it does make me feel a little childish sometimes - I loved colouring books when I was little.  I use different colouring mediums now usually but sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than good old coloured pencils!

I have been knitting something for my friend M (she doesn't read this) but I can't show you as I don't want it getting back to her in any way.  I think I may have to do a Christmas share after the big day.

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