Sunday, 6 October 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

1) The colours of my new wool makes me happy.  The super speedy service from the on line company  also make me happy.  Can't wait to learn how to knit more so I can use it.

2) Friends for dinner who are happy playing and walking Anni. I'm not sure who had more fun Anni or N!!!!

 3)  Watching Anni play with her squeaky toy.  This is her favourite toy ever and she gets it every night before bed.

I love my toy
4) My latest card from my hubby.  It's now in my top 6 waiting to be framed.

 5) It's Satsuma time again.  Woohoo I love this time of year.

Things I am not loving - the washing machine burning a hole in our duvet and sheets.  Need to buy a new washer and duvet set.  The tap on the bath which is forever breaking but hard to replace due to it's location.  It suddenly feels like a miserable day.

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