Monday, 14 October 2013

Day out in York

I met a friend, S, last week in York.  I love York.  I love that there are independent shops alongside some of the chain stores.  I prefer it out of season when it's not as touristy, a little cold so that you think of Christmas fast approaching.  By the time I get back onto the train home, I am usually very happy to sit down for an hour or so.  I wish we lived closer so it was nearer (and cheaper) to visit.  I think I'd be going monthly it is was a little easier.

The view below is from the first bridge across the river from the train station.  The hubby and I caught one of the boats a few years ago for a trip up the river.  Boy was it cold on that river and that was on a sunny day too. 

The little house below is a little coffee shop I think.  There is a little garden just behind it which is used a lot in the Summer.  I love that the building is being used and isn't all shuttered up.

My friend S lives nearer to York than I do so knows where to lunch when we visit.  Last time we tried this place she'd just had her first baby (now nearly 4) - Wow S where does time go?  Since then she also has baby M.  

The Minister below is always worth looking at.  I no longer go in as it's a little expensive for me.  I think it's a shame that you have to pay, rather than make a donation.  I did enjoy looking round in days gone by.

There are so many favourite shops which I need to visit when I go to York.  S and I have similar tastes and are happy to weave in and out of the different shops.  I made a start on my Hubby's Christmas present shopping and bought a few Christmas decorations too.  

I love weaving in and out of the city walls on my walk back to the train station.  

 Nearly back at the train station.  I do love York station.  If you squint your eyes you can imagine days gone by and ladies in posh frocks walking down the platforms, waiting for steam trains.

Still no sign of the charger for the proper camera.  I hope to find it soon.  I hope that I will take more photos with the proper camera instead of the phone's camera.

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