Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An Official Follower - Woohoo

Oh my goodness.  I have an official follower.  I know my hubby sometimes reads my blog as does S but they do not appear as a follower.  I do know who my new follower is (thanks G) but all the same a little something will be popped into the post to mark the event.  Not sure what yet and it may not be exciting but an envelope will be on it's way to you shortly.

Today has been a nothing of a day.  Hubby is still of off work but I am hopeful he'll get his strength back over the following few days and will be back next week.  Anni hasn't eaten anything to make her sick (I hope) and after a rough morning, I am starting to feel better.

It has been chucking it down all day today.  A real miserable day.  Anni doesn't seem to mind though.  Our first dog Patch (who we had for 13 years) hated the rain.  She'd stop, it didn't matter where you where (middle of the road etc) to try and dry her face with her front paws.  Anni is a real water dog.  I wished we lived closer to the seaside as I suspect she will love the ocean - not sure we'll like the smell as much mind!!!!

I've read online that we are in for a really bad winter.  Now I love the snow.  If we are snuggled up in the warmth, with hot chocolate, plenty of food and movies to catch up on.  I get quite stressed if D is at work and know he has to drive home.  The journey to/from work usually takes about 30 mins.  Last time it suddenly started snowing it took him 3 hours to make it home.  I guess the wet and the cold has reminded me I need to sort out the car boot to include a blanket and a hat and gloves etc just in case he gets snowed out one day.

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