Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Today has been one of those days.  A bit of happiness and time spent with friends and a bit of bleurgh.

First off the good stuff.  My friend G came for lunch today. We used to work together and when first she left and then I did we were determined that our friendship needed to last longer than our working relationship!  I always get stressed when people come to my house.  I am not a natural housekeeper - I have WAY better things to be doing than dusting (sneeze) or tidying up.  Don't get me wrong I try and keep a clean house but it's not natural...........  G's visit today was well planned, following so closely to my families visit at the weekend - the house was largely clean :-)

This meant I could concentrate on cooking.  Did I mention that I am not a natural chef either?  Until recently I was happy to shove a frozen pizza in the oven, make a salad and enjoy.  Recently I have started making an effort in cooking.  The menu today was Lamb and Sweet Potato stew followed by Apple and Strawberry Crumble.  I wouldn't add strawberries again as apart from turning the apple an attractive pink, they didn't add much to the taste.  

The bleurgh part of the day is that we all (apart from G (I hope!)) have been feeling under the weather.  The hubby is off of work.  He has MS so when he gets ill it knocks it out of him (and obviously he has Man flu!) so he can really suffer.  I've been feeling unwell since Sunday, was feeling better this morning but have been hit by reinforcements tonight.  Anni has also been rather unwell this afternoon.  I could blame it on the excitement of G's visit but I suspect she's eaten something she shouldn't!!!!

On a brighter note did you know this week is National Chocolate Week?  You know where to send it........... 

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