Thursday, 3 October 2013

Misty and Stitchy

Today's weather has been very bleurgh.  It was misty when I woke up, misty when I went out, miserly at lunchtime and full on belting it down since about 3pm.  Lovely.

I did go into Halifax to meet my Mum and Sister in Law for lunch and that was fun but I disappointedly didn't buy anything I needed.  Hmph.  The bus is once an hour so I either have ages to wait to get home or I have to leg it for the bus.  Today was a leg it kind of day!  I made it with 1 minute to spare.

On the bus home, I actually remembered to take some photos of the mist, apologies for the reflection from the bus windows but I didn't think whilst in town to take photos.  Can you see the mist down the valley?

Misty valley

Misty valley

Misty valley

On another note, my Grandma taught me to knit many, many years ago.  She taught me to cast on /off and to knit and I happily knit squares to knit a blanket.  Then I became a teenager and never did anymore.  About a year ago I picked up my needles again bought some wool and sat there.  How do you cast on again?  Then all of a sudden I shut my eyes and heard my Grandma teaching me what to do and I did it.  No need to Google it on the internet!!!!!  So I have happily knitted a little blanket for a friends baby (it took forever) and put my needles away.  As Winter has arrived this year I felt the need to try again.  6 squares later I felt the need to learn more.  So tonight, thanks to Google, I finally learnt to purl.  My Mum has tried to teach me but it made no sense what so ever.  10 minutes online and I can purl and obviously can do stocking (?) stitch.  It's a revelation.  Next step is to get my Mum to help me learn how to read a pattern and then I am hoping it will open my eyes to knitting with a purpose.  My knitting below, before I dropped all the stitches and pulled it all out.  Never mind, I can always do it again.

1st ever knit and purl

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