Sunday, 20 October 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

This week has not been great on the whole.  The dreaded lurgy struck the entire household (including Anni) so we've had a sleepy, let's do little kind of week.  Until today.  Today my Hubby took Anni and I for a short drive and wander to a great little park.  It was full of people and their dogs.  The thing which Anni likes best is the river at the side of the park.  I think she could play there for ages.  Unfortunately the nearest bench was at the other side of the park so she had a great time running between hubby on the bench and me by the water.

1)  Look I've found a big stick in the river.  I must show hubby!  N'ah changed my mind must get back to the river......

2) I think this is my favourite photo of my 2 favourite people/things.  I have a similar photo of hubby and our first dog Patch.  I think I'll be printing this one off.  I had to keep moving to try and get Anni to look at me, she was WAY too interested in watching the other dogs.

3 & 4) Finishing my first scarf for a gift.  That's the blue thing below.  It might be simple knitting, over and over again but it's all my own work and I am pretty pleased with my first attempt.  I just have to add a little something and it's all done.  I also love my little Dots and Spots notebook.  I spoilt myself to the heart notebook below (gave my hubby the striped one -nearly killed me to share).  I love Dots and Spots products.  I have a few now - decorative tape and my absolute fav (so far) are the little spotty bags.  They are so thick and such good quality.

5) Baking.  Whilst hubby was recovering from his morning walk (snoozing in bed) I thought I'd surprise him with baking buns.  (Do you remember when we called them buns?).  They are now coated in chocolate fudge topping and hundreds and thousands.  Oh to remember our childhood.

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