Sunday, 27 October 2013

Things making me HAPPY this week

Well I am still pretty bad at taking photos so I've decided this post is going to be photo free - so there.

1) Anni finally getting the courage to go swimming.  She is usually scared of her own shadow (and we don't know why) and she did it.  So proud of her.  Some may say she is only a dog, but she is my dog.

2) Meeting friends for lunch.  2 friends and I try and meet up about every 2 months or so at one of our houses.  I don't usually enjoy getting to C's house as EVERY time I am told I have the wrong ticket on the bus.  The drivers can never tell me which ticket is the right one mind!!  I finally got it right.  Phew.

3) Hubby finally feeling better and going back to work.  He amazes me that he just keeps going and getting on with stuff.  Love you.

4) Getting on with crafting for my advent boxes.  Nearly gotten another handmade gift finished.

5) Making 2 birthday badges (1 for a 6 year old and one for a 4 year old).  Must get the 4 in the post if the storm doesn't get this far north tomorrow.

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