Sunday, 3 November 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

I've not had a busy this week this week and it's been great.  I pottered and learnt new skills and spent time with my parents and Anni.

1) Learning to make biscuits.  I have not made biscuits since I was a child and I loved it.  Only problem is that they didn't last long enough to take a photo.  I have tried lemon, chocolate and orange.  I think Lemon are my favourite so far - though that maybe because I used an elephant shaped cutter!

2) Meeting a friend for a fab catch up.  We may have had wine, steak and a lot of talking.  We haven't met up since early Summer so it was a great night.  The bus journey home was interesting and I may not have been walking in too straight a line when I got off of said bus but we had fun.  A - I have not posted THAT photo.........

3) Emergency surgery on Babbit.  I am amazed that Anni loves this toy so much.  Our first dog (and my very first dog) Patch was a rescue dog and she didn't know how to play.  She was a lovely, happy, loving dog but could not play.  Anni LOVES to play but is not so touchy feely.  (Yes, I could have picked a more neutral colour to fix it but she is not bothered!)

4) Going out for lunch with my nephew O and his Mum.  His last day as a 5 year old so it was an important lunch and it was great.  Hope to do it again next time you are on holiday O.

5) Knitting another item for the advent box.  I think I may need to add something else to it and hopefully my Mum and I are going to learn how to embellish it next week when we have time together.  No photos though as you never know who is reading this blog.............

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