Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Not again

Earlier this year, I got a phone call from my bank telling me that my debit card may have been cloned and they had put a stop to it.  I nearly ignored the bank as initially they sent me a text asking me to get in touch -when did banks start texting??????  Anyway, when I finally got in contact I had to speak to the security centre in India.  Now the 2 men in India were trying to be helpful but were so heavily accented that after 10 minutes I just kept saying no whenever a question was asked and there was a pause- I have no idea what was being asked but felt too bad to keep asking what he had asked.  In the end I heard the words cosmetics and since I don't often use make up etc then I said no (and I hadn't spent on them).  Turns out someone in America was trying to buy cosmetics on my card (I so don't use cosmetics usually!) so easy to say it wasn't me.  Card was cancelled and a new one arrived.

Then this Summer, my hubby's credit card was cancelled due to a security alert.  New card eventually arrived.  This morning I received a phone call saying mine needed to be cancelled.  Is it just me or is 3 times in a year a little excessive.  I am grateful that the card companies have caught the problem and would rather have a cancelled card than a huge bill for things we haven't bought, but I am shocked to have been hit 3 times this year.  Is the problem getting worse or are the companies getting better at catching the toe rags?  Any thoughts?

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