Thursday, 28 November 2013

This week

This week has been lovely.  Two visits from different people to make a difference to my week.  First up we had S and M over to say hi.  M is definitely crawling now and I suspect she will be walking soon as she seems desperate to be moving more.  S - you have a fast mover there!

As I knew M would be crawling I took special care in trying to hoover up as many dog hairs as I could.  A triple cleaning of the carpet in the living room.  First on my hand and knees, then with my slipper (so good at getting dog hairs out of carpets but god it's tiring) and then with the hoover again.  Phew, I was ready for a cuppa Diet Coke at the end of that one.  I wouldn't mind but I spilt a can of the stuff just as I was finishing the floor - arghhhhhhh.  Even Anni looked unimpressed!!  M has grown so much in the last few months.  Anni was a little growly in her crate but M just giggled at her which was great.  I hope as Anni grows older she becomes less scared of people.  She's all Grrrr and no trousers but we don't want her to be scared of people.  S and I had a really good catch up, we can talk for England so it was fabulous having the time for a proper catch up.  The pub lunch helped too!!!!


Then today my friend G came over.  We try and see other at least once a month.  We are fortunate that we have one bus which goes between our houses (with a 20 min walk at one end).  I don't mind going to G's but I hate the walk back to the bus stop.  I am usually running late and end up trying to leg it for the bus - not a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you.  Anni actually loves G.  She's scared of most people but not G.  So a walk in the woods for G to take photos and A to have a walk, win-win.

Do you think Anni is happy?  She has a huge smile and no food was used in the taking of this photo!!!!

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