Sunday, 24 November 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

1) Time at home.  I know that'll sound silly as I am at home a lot these days but this past week, I have only ventured out twice (apart from dog walking).  It's been brill.  A time to unwind and relax.  Fab.

2) Anni making friends with other dogs on her walk.  She even dropped her stick (can you see it behind her?).  She loves her stick but wanted to meet the other dogs more.  This is a big change.

Anni making friends.
3) Buying a pair of wellies.  It's only taken 2 months to find a pair which fit my calves.  They are even a size smaller than I usually take (that's why I hate buying shoes/clothes, you can never rely on one size).  This is big news.   I can now happily walk Anni in the woods without loosing my trainers in a field of mud! 

4) Swapping my first advent box with M and she's made me one too.  Can't wait for the 1st of December to see what goodies she has come up with.  I know she has made some too so they'll be worth the wait.

5) A photo of Anni and I after our walk/swim.  The problem with taking the photos is that you are hardly ever on any of them.  My Mum wanted one of Anni and I and after many, many attempts this is the best one (so far).  Anni adores my Dad.  I think this is because last winter we did a lot of walking together and she loved it.  The downside is that whenever Dad moves, Anni tries to be with him/looks at him which makes taking a photo of her very difficult.  It finally worked in our favour (below) when he stood next to Mum to get the photo!!!

Anni and I at the outdoor gym.

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