Sunday, 17 November 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

1) Going out for a meal to celebrate my Birthday (yup, the one that was back in July!).   How can you not love this face???

Bless my hubby


Especially when he gets the giggles when he sees it on the camera.  The giggles so much that L and I were nearly as bad, laughing at him!!!!

2) Walking in Judy woods.  The colours of Autumn are gorgeous at the moment.  My Mum and I are having a disagreement.  I think it is lush and she thinks it's been better!

Judy Woods

3) Back to York with N.  We had planned on Manchester buy hubby warned me they were running buses instead of trains so we quickly thought better of it.  We went to a designer outlet and didn't spend that much time in the centre of York but it does remind me that I'd like to live closer (over £16 on the train for a day out :-) ).
N keeping warm

4) Anni B in the river (again).  My Dad wonders whether she won't automatically run in when it next snows.  My Mum and I think she won't care.  This dog LOVES water.

5) Crafting - I can't show photos but I have started to get my crafting mojo back - woohoo.

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