Monday, 11 November 2013

Forest Holiday part 2

Day 3

Day 3 was my most anticipated day of our holidays.  We went to the seaside.  My Grandma used to live in Scarborough, so I do have a soft spot for the place, especially out of season (and it was definitely out of season!).  It was so cold.

We knew we wanted to give Anni the chance to run on her first beach, so we headed straight down to the North Bay.  Well we tried to.........

 Have you ever tried to push a wheelie through sand?  Do you see Mum and Anni in the first photo - they were raring to go. Us, not so much.  Well we were trying - did you see how far down I got the wheelie into the sand - I tried really hard to get through that sand!!!!!

We did have one casualty on the sand.  See the ball in Anni's mouth in the photo below?  Well it's now on Scarborough beach (or out to sea) somewhere.  My Dad blames the dog for leaving it somewhere, the rest of us have suspicions!!!!  She did love chasing the ball on the beach, another reason to live closer.

Along the Prom they have they most gorgeous beach huts - could you just see yourself sitting inside with a mug of something warm, watching the world (and plenty of dogs) run by?  Oh, yes please.  Just for a little while.  I remember when I was a girl (when did I get old?) these were really run down and not brightly painted this way.  I think these are lush.

My Dad posing (I think he needs to practice his chosen pose!) so I could try and get a pic of everyone.  

Anni was unsure about the sea.  She seemed to like the water but those pesky waves weren't so popular.  The first one which came towards her caused her to leg it back to my Mum for safety.

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