Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Last day of the hols and a Miracle!

Final Day

The best part of our forest holidays was that no-one felt rushed to do anything.  In a morning, at least one of us (usually 2) would take Anni for a walk whilst the others got ready.  Every one was so chilled and relaxed and unpressurised.

After walking Anni through the woods, the view at the top of the hill was worth the effort (Dad will laugh now at how small the hill was- well if he read this he would!)

Looking towards York - we think!
We then went to a lovely village called Helmsley.  It was so picturesque.  Difficult as Anni is still afraid of people and can be hard to control when on her lead in a busy place.  She nearly pulled me off of my feet a couple of times, and is something we are working on.  Off lead she is a pleasure to walk, more confident and happier.

Hubby may have been a little cold - bargain hat at £4.  Not sure it works with the sunglasses but heh ho.  

There is always room for Orange cake.  Oh yes please.

On the way back to the cabin we were determined to sit in a sunny beer garden and have a drink.  Well it was sunny when we set off, but maybe a tad cold when we got back to the beer garden.  Can you tell?

You have to laugh!

PS.  The Miracle?  After 16 years I finally made my hubby a chicken and mushroom pie.  He loves pie.  I don't - unless it has apple in it.

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