Saturday, 23 November 2013

Can you get any closer?

Hello, Anni here.  I love my humans.  They are so nice (and so gullible).  Last night was date night and nothing says date night better than being cuddled up on the sofa watching a film.  I tried to sit between them (I usually get away with it) but there was something wrong last night and they wouldn't let me.  I didn't sulk for long and settled to sit at one side.  Well, he tickles my ears til I fall asleep.  Comfy!

BUT, I wasn't happy.  I NEED to sit closer.  I like the female human bestest (unless he has biscuits) and I wasn't close enough to stay happy.  Need to get closer, time for a stealth attack.  She's knitting she won't even notice I'm there.  Ah much better.

(Erm, Anni that's my knee.....)


PS Film was "Wolverine" and it was fab. Hugh Jackman rocks - needs to cut his nails mind.

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