Saturday, 9 November 2013

Holidays in a Forest

Earlier this year, Hubby and I asked if my parents wanted to join us (and Anni) on a short holiday towards the end of the year.  We searched online and chose to book a log cabin just over a 2 hour drive away near Pickering.

Day One
We arrived in the early afternoon as we didn't fancy driving through unlit forest roads in the dark.  Here's the back of the cabin.  The window at the top was a double ensuite.  The windows at the bottom (l to r) twin room, shower room, toilet.

The balcony and huge glass windows on the other side.  One big room containing a kitchen, dining table and sofas.  A staircase upstairs to my right.  I could get used to living on one floor (with a few minor adjustments).  I wonder how much it'd cost to build our own cabin?????

What a welcome.  There was even a doggy biscuit - which obviously didn't last very long!!!

 Mum, Dad and an Alien dog watching me at the top of the stairs.

We had take away pizzas for tea.  Dad and I grabbed our torches and walked to reception and they made and delivered them back to the cabin.  The pizzas were a little sweet for me but we all enjoyed them.  Even if Dad and I got wet walking through the forest in the first place.

Anni was fascinated by one of the big picture windows and could frequently be found in a similar position to the one below!

 Day Two
The morning was a little wet.  Anni had a fabulous time playing in the forest, she doesn't mind water.

View from same window as above
View from Anni's window
We then went into the neighbouring town of Pickering for a little look see before going back to the cabin.

You can't beat Yorkshire.  FACT.

I love the style of the cottages in this part of Yorkshire.  They are so different from where I live.  They remind me of visits to my Grandma.

Posts from our other days will be posted soon (Blogger is starting to play up).

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