Monday, 18 November 2013

Do you like trees?

I have a thing about trees.  They fill my nightmares.  Well I don't have many nightmares but I have had one since childhood (always the same one).  For a long time I didn't like being surrounded by trees.  On our recent holiday I was fine until it was dark - then I struggled to take Anni for her last walk of the day (indeed after the first night I let Mum and Dad take her!).  The photo below is my very idea of hell.  Lots of straight trees with little space between them - shiver....

I know I am irrational.  It's just an area of trees, minding their own business.  No threat to me (unless one were to fall on me).

However, since leaving work and getting Anni, we have been walking through local woods and I can appreciate the beauty of the trees.  I have seen them in snow, spring, summer, and Autumn (perhaps my favourite time to walk Anni).  I love taking photos of this kind of tree.


  1. You're making me want to come and photograph those trees with you and Anni......

    1. Anytime Gill. How about next week :-)