Friday, 29 November 2013

Advent Boxes

Last year I decided to make advent boxes for some of my friends instead of giving them a gift for Christmas Day.  I decorated 5 shoe boxes, and bought each person 24 little gifts to open.  I think all 5 people enjoyed knowing that someone had thought of them every day in the run up to Christmas Day and I had great fun making them up.  This year, I was down to 4.  5 were just too much to wrap up last year!!

Each person gets 24 presents, some are identical, others are specific to each person.  G has a great sense of humour (I hope!), S likes handmade, C likes pretties and M likes a mix of all 3.  I start buying in Jan and have a bag for each person in the present cupboard (do you have a present cupboard?).  I also have a notebook to record items and cost so I can keep an eye on both throughout the year.  I have tried to made handmade gifts this year and they all have at least 4 in the boxes.  I haven't taken photos as at least 2 of them read this blog - sorry guys no spoilers here.  So if you email me a photo of your favourite items I will add them to the blog once you have opened them.

This year S and M have made me an advent box.  To say I am excited to take part is an understatement.  I have had M's for a week or 2 now and S delivered hers yesterday.  I so want the 1st December to come round so I can open them.  How many sleeps left?

Thanks S

So Pretty- need to up my game next year.

Thanks M
Is it too early to go to bed??????

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