Sunday, 1 December 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

I have tried my hardest to complete my "happy" status every Sunday.  Some weeks it's been a struggle to think of things out of the everyday ordinary but I hope that when in future, I look back I will do so with fondness of the things I got up to and things that made me happy in days gone by!!!!!

1)This fella makes me smile.  At 7.15 he rushed in to the living room whilst glaring at me.  I had no idea why he was looking so stressed, holding his coat and shoes.  You could have woken me he said.  What for?  I replied.  You know it's Sunday.  I didn't know whether to laugh at his thankful expression, or whether I should have let him drive to work....................

Hubby and I (and Dad in the background).
2) Meeting up with lots of friends.  This past week was a busy one, meetings with J, M&S and G.

3) Advent boxes - for me.  I am looking forward to the next 23 days.  Better than a one full of cheap choccies.

Advent Box

4) Family health being ok.  It's been a worry for a while now and I am so happy that things can be helped now.  We are no longer waiting for test results and we can all look forward to Christmas.

5) Sending out little acts of kindness across the globe.  D has an Internet friend in USA who is going through a bad patch.  A little handmade thing and some good old Cadburys - how else can you show love to someone who needs it.  May we never miss the chance to do something random to make someone smile.

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