Sunday, 15 December 2013

Making me HAPPY this week

Woohoo, despite my hangover (must be something I ate) I have remembered to post today!  It was the girls night in last night and I managed to stay up til nearly 2am this morning.  For me, that is an achievement!!!!!

1) Night in with the girls.  I went to school with V,N and D and we try and meet up and have a drink or 3, takeaway and bit of a goss.  Last night was no exception.  I think I have to pour my own Vodka in future mind.  Thanks girls it was a fab Christmas Do. (photos form earlier this year).

2) Finishing my handmade Christmas decoration.  I made some for friends and never got round to finishing one for us.  I was very happy to get it made and hung on the fireplace on Wednesday.

3) Walking with these lot (especially when one likes to stick out her tongue!)

4) Knitting.  I have decided I love knitting.  FACT.  One day I may even be able to knit more than just a sqaure!!!

5) Making Christmas lunch for C and G.  I did enjoy it.  Loved making crackers, and boxes of cupcakes and catching up.  What I didn't enjoy was not turning off the hob the night before and ruining lunch before it even started and then having to start again from scratch.  Thank heavens I used one of my 2 decent pans and it all came off - with A LOT of elbow grease.

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