Monday, 30 December 2013

Taking Photos

I've said before that I struggle to take photos as I simply forget to take the camera out to take photos.  Why is it then that even when I remember to take photos, it is so hard to take decent ones of people.  The ones below are the best attempts, you should see the ones I deleted..............  My Mum is certain that she always looks awful on photos.  I have realised this is because she is usually talking so her mouth is in an unusual position...............

Christmas 2013.

I love my new scarf from my Sis-in-Law (well ex, but we still usually call each other SiL).  D in his Dennis the Menace jumper!

Sorry Mum but G is actually smiling so had to post this one.

Anni was really good this Christmas.  She loves food, but was happily watching from a distance this year.

 Dad being a giant!

I also got some great presents this year.  I haven't taken many photos yet but some of my favourites are;

Handmade from my friend G.  Anni was not impressed to have another dog in the house!  I love handmade gifts.

My new CK mug from hubby.  You always need a little CK in your life, especially when it's spotty.

The message which accompanied my perfume from hubby.  It's a good job I am not suspicious or there may have been trouble.  This perfume has been problematic.  Hubby bought me a bottle last year apparently, but it was accidentally thrown away with the packaging before I received it!!!!  Then this year,I got someone else's bottle.  Thankfully it was the right fragrance so there you go.  I do wonder what message I should have received though.

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