Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent Boxes Day 1-3

I am so excited to take part in my advent box swap this year.  Last year I felt that some of my friends needed reminding how special they are, so I decided to show them.   A little gift to unwrap each day of advent to show them someone was thinking of them.  I also included some friends I thought would enjoy it.  2 of my friends decided to make me one this year.  How lucky am I having 2 boxes to unwrap.  I love seeing what other people receive in swaps/make so I plan to take a photo of each gift - you may get a feel of who I am from the gifts which have been chosen/made.  Photos are not brilliant as have had to use the flash as it is so dark all day at the moment.

Day 1 - Box S
Brown paper packages tied up with.............. perfect

Foxy Notebook

Day 1 - Box M

Can you tell what it is?  All rolled up and covered with trees.

Any ideas?
Make your own Christmas Tree

Day 2 - Box S

A new book to try.  I have read some Dickens but not this one.  Will let you know if it's any good!

Day 2 - Box M

Welly Toppers (is that what these are called?)  Knitted by M.  Lovely.  Good job I have just found a pair of wellies!

Day 3- Box S

Are you getting a sense of me yet?  I love Rolos.  Hadn't eaten them for years and years until earlier this year when I had to have some.  I searched high and low for a packet of these and they did not disappoint :-)  They didn't last long and I did share as hubby wasn't working - that's love for you.

Day 3 - Box M

A new shopping bag.  Already been used!

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