Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent Boxes day 4 - 8

More from my advent boxes.

Day 4 - Box M

 A booklet of stamped images to colour in/paint to add to my cards.  I get pleasure from adding colour to images, it really relaxes me.  Maybe takes me back to my childhood but I can live with that.

Can I help?

Day 4 - Box S

Can never have too many of these in winter.

Day 5 - Box M

 3d Cards - I think.

Day 5 - Box S

Gorgeous magnets for my fridge.  Already living in the kitchen!

Day 6 - Box M

You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Day 6 - Box S

Now I thought it was chocolate so left it for later.  I am still not sure whether I was disappointed when I opened it and there wasn't any!!!  It's a good job S knows me and added some lovely heart shaped pegs - S you are forgiven for the deception - this once......

Day 7 - Box M

A robin for the tree.

Day 7 - Box S

A gorgeous hat, perfect for keeping me warm whilst walking Anni.

Day 8- Box M

More craft goodies.

Day 8 - Box S

I also love things for the bath.

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