Monday, 9 December 2013

Making me HAPPY last week

Oooops not sure what happened yesterday as I kept meaning to post this but I never got round to getting my leads to upload new photos.  I'm blaming that I was so cold I didn't want to get out from under my knitted blanket and into the cold.

1) Walking Anni in the local woods after the high winds of last week.  My parents and I always enjoy looking at the massive trees which are no longer standing after a storm.  We are always surprised at the size of the trees which have fallen.

Fallen Tree
2) Belated Birthday party (well L may disagree it was a party - there were only 3 of us (and the dog)).  Still there was wine, cake, presents what more could you ask for.  It was a pleasure to make you a cake love.

Birthday Cake

3) Watching hubby on the tv!
Hello Minion!

4) Please share your pizza. I REALLY love you..........

True Love ?????

(He didn't share).

5) Finishing (some) of my handmade presents.  Can't show yet for obvious reasons but it's great to be crafting.

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