Monday, 16 December 2013

Advent Boxes 9 - 14

Ok, ready for more clues about who I am?

Day 9 - Box M

A little chipboard album.  Will be decorating this next year (or maybe during Christmas).

Day 9 - Box S

A jar of beads - I was with S when she was choosing these but forgot they might be for me - thanks S.

Day 10- Box M

A gorgeous tree dec.  Still trying to make up my mind if I need to decorate it or like it as it is.

Day 10- Box S

A fab bracelet.

Day 11- Box M

This was so needed - I did share M.

Day 11 - Box S

A glittery tree decoration - lush.

Day 12 - Box M

 Can I help unwrap please?

A handmade candle decoration.

Day 12 - Box S

More fab stickers

Day 13 - Box M

Don't mind if I do!

Day 13 - Box S

Choccie, I love you choccie.

Day 14 - Box M

I felt the packaging and thought oh, no another mug.  But this one is perfect.

Day 14 - Box S

A fab way to give ribbons - I must remember this for next year.

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