Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Trees galore

I love Christmas.  Really, really love Christmas.  I could do without birthdays, not for getting older, who cares but I am just not too bothered by them.  I'd rather have 2 Christmas'.  N.B.  Go buy only copy of TV guide for the year!

Last year Christmas was very stressful.  I had one family member with a major illness (we found out just before Christmas) and hubby's MS threw a wobbly (a major one) and it was my turn to host Christmas.  Talk about one stressed bunny.  Thank heavens for those we love and those I love who got us all through it.  I honestly thought we'd be one member less this year, thankfully I was wrong.

This Christmas I have yet to find my mojo.  I find it off putting that I just don't care.  Most odd.  Still today I helped my parents decorate their tree and they returned the favour by helping me put the tree up and add the lights.  No decorations as yet as hubby is quite anal and fussy when it comes to tree lights so I am giving him the opportunity to re-do them before I add more to the tree.  IF he gives me the ok I will start decorating after tea - with a glass of wine and the opening of the Christmas chocolates maybe :-)

See the one Dec?
 The only other decoration is handmade by me and I can show you now that the advent boxes have been opened for today.  I finished mine at 8.30am this morning!  It's the first bigger thing I have ever made so I am pretty happy with it.

Tree Garland

Close up of fav tree

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