Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What should I read/watch ?

For a long time now I have been thinking that I have missed out in my film education and have missed seeing loads of classic films.  In 2014 I have decided that I am going to try and watch a film from the good old days every month.  But what?

My first film will be "Breakfast at Tiffanys".  Dave bought me this DVD years ago and I have not even unwrapped the cellophane.  This is my first golden oldie in 2014.

Now, I need your help.  What other classics would you recommend?  If I haven't seen them I will add them to my list.  Please send a suggestion.

In the same vein, I am trying to try new Authors.  I have been recommend "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern which I will order from the library in the new year.  Who do you enjoy reading?  I am only really against reading Sci-Fi.  I have tried and failed to enjoy this style of book.  My hubby agreed a book swap a number of years ago and gave me "Fearsum Injun" by Iain Banks and I gave him "Snow Falling on Cedars".  All I can say is I actually read his book and he gave in after 1 page. Now, I don't blame him as even though I read "SFOC" - I was so BORED and only chose it for him as I knew I'd hate his choice (and I did).   We haven't trusted each other with recommendations since!!!!


  1. More classical musicals such as 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers', 'Oklahoma!' and 'South Pacific'.
    'Matter of Life and Death' with David Niven is one of my favourites.
    'Brief Encounter' is timeless, and has steam trains and Rachmaninov.

  2. You know the type that I am going to suggest:- The Cruel Sea, and In which we serve are the best