Sunday, 29 September 2013

Things making me HAPPY this week

1) Trying new recipes (sadly no photos - I must get better at taking more photos).  This week I have been really good at cooking (and trying new recipes).  I have made fishcakes, lamb and sweet potato stew and my first ever cottage Pie - what I am only 39, it's not so it?  My Mum is really looking forward to coming for her next meal!!!!!!  I may do frozen pizza.  The need to bake is fast consuming me so I may need to answer that call soon.  I am trying not to bake as I then have to eat whatever I make.  I usually try and bake mid week so the H can take most of it into work.

2) Advent Boxes.  Last year I ended up making 5 advent boxes for friends. The only bit I stopped enjoying was wrapping up the last couple of boxes worth of gifts!  Thought I'd get in early this year and have nearly finished the first box - yiphee.  Each box is filled with little gifts aimed at each person, hand made, bought, edible.  This first box is for S and I just need to buy one last gift and then she's done.  Hope she likes it as much as she did last year.

Advent box numbero uno

3) Anni loves her toys.  My first dog Patch (we had her for nearly 13 years) was a rescue dog and didn't know how to play.  Anni loves playing.  Her special toy (she has 3 versions of it) is a miniature space hopper thingy - now, no silliness she doesn't sit on it and bounce, but it squeaks - LOUDLY and she loves it.  It is only brought out just before bedtime and she knows when it's time.  She's fast asleep and one of us will sneak out of the room, by the time we get back in she's sat behind the door with tail wagging - EVERY SINGLE TIME - how does she know???

 4) Card making.  The first card below is very me, tape, buttons and quite simple really.  I sometimes get criticism that I am too simple with my cards but I guess this is my natural style.  Am really trying to use up lots of little bits so when we finally move I have less junk loved items to take with us.

 I also struggle with making cards suitable for men.  I think I have gotten it right below - not sure about the Forever Friends teddy but am sure one of the older generation will like it.  I seem to have oodles of things to add for women but not men.  I think that may be something I need to look out for next time I am craft shopping.
5) Anni managing not to swim during her latest explore.  Every time it got deeper she managed to back out of the deep part.  She's quite happy to shove her head under water but hasn't quite realised that she can swim.  Once she learns that she can swim, I think she'll be off!

Anni Paddling!

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