Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Try Again


I first tried blogging when I was made redundant in 2012.  I didn't last long.  Too hard to find the cable to download my photos from the camera (I have now hidden said cable from the hubby, so things should be better this time round!).

So today I felt the urge to bake.  I lurve baking (I do try not to eat too much of it though).  Today I gave in and baked my hubby a cake.  Orange cake with chocolate fudge topping.  I admit I cheated with the topping and bought a Betty Crocker mix from my local supermarket.  I don't usually like chocolatey things (unless a bar of chocolate :-)) - I'd NEVER order a piece of chocolate cake - EVER, but this mix on top of a non chocolate cake is fabulous.  My hubby is always happy when the urge to bake hits me.  I usually try and get him to take half of the cake to work so I am not tempted but he usually forgets, but not until he's told his work mates.  He is never popular!!!!!!

Want to see today's baking (apologies I didn't get to take a picture before we had to taste it)?

First attempt at a double layered cake.  Orange cake with a chocolate fudge topping.

My friend N, will be 40 this month.  She's been worrying about it since we turned 30.  I don't think it helps that she is the eldest in our group of friends (like how I got in that I am younger!)  We're celebrating ALOT this month.  First off is a meal with her parents.  I thought I'd make her a larger version (3 tiers) of the above cake, but with different decorations.  Would it be really mean to decorate the restaurant with big 40 balloons???????  She keeps threatening me with "getting me back" but the only problem is that I really don't mind.  It'll just be another day.  Anyway since I won't get an age balloon I thought I had to make her something special to remember her day by, so I made this.  What do you think?

Hope N doesn't accidentally find this blog!

I have also made her a card with no reference to a number on the front - just wait until she opens the inside....... :-)  N I hope you are ready for your Birthday!!!

The other love of my life (apart from my hubby) is my black lab Anni.  She was 1 at the end of March and we've had her since June 2012.  She is scared of her own shadow, so any tips gratefully read.  She was my 15th wedding anniversary present (hence the name).

Please let me have some cake.

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