Sunday, 22 September 2013

Things making me HAPPY this week

I really enjoy doing my Sunday "Things making me HAPPY this week" posts.  I like that I have to take 10 minutes to think about my week to choose my favourite things.

1). Sunshine.  Our boiler has decided to throw a dickie fit so we have no heating or hot water (there goes my bath this afternoon :-(.  Hope my Dad can sort it.)  Thankfully the sky is blue and the sunshine is out.  It's been a cold week until today so I hope we can sort it all out before it gets cold again.

Blue Skies

 2) Meeting up with a friend (J), I haven't seen in ages and spending the afternoon in a lovely local cafe.  In fact I can't believe we spent most of the afternoon in the cafe.  I have never sat still for so long - ever.  The cafe is part of a lovely garden centre and I fell in love with some of their offerings in the housey section.  I did not buy (£40 for 3 boxes) but I did seriously WANT the following boxes (there are 3 in total).
Lush boxes
I did expect a different J so was a little surprised with this J turned up.  I think I hid it well :-)

3) Making gifts.  For some of my friends, I make an advent box (instead of a big Christmas present).  I find 24 little gifts and wrap them all up.  A little bit of love for the first 24 days of December.  The boxes have a mix of bought gifts, chocolate and handmade lovelies.  So far I have made garlands, brooches and some pictures.  I can't post pics as they may accidentally find this blog.  I do enjoy thinking of things to make them.

4). Cooking.  I have re-started my Weight Watchers.  I lost nearly 2 stone (by March) but have largely ignored it since then.  When we go to NY I want to feel I can go in a lot of different shops and try on any clothes I like.  So part of doing it properly again is to take more responsibility for cooking.

5).  Walking Anni with my parents.  I don't drive so it's nice to go with my parents and discover new walks.  Yesterday we stayed local and I'd have never known that there was so much loveliness so close to home.  Thanks Mum and Dad for showing me new places.

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