Saturday, 14 September 2013

Scream if you want to go faster.................

N decided that to celebrate her 40th she wanted to relive her youth and go on a roller coaster.  We don't live near any roller coasters so we set off to Cleethorpes, on the East coast of England, on an overcast, cold day.  I HATE most rides so was not looking forward to this in the slightest.  D, N, V and I headed in to see this.  V and I passed (i may have made the mistake of being slightly hungover).

We survived!
Nope not going on that one either

When I was a little girl there was one ride which I absolutely loved - have you got a favourite?  Mine was the Carousel.  Did you take ages picking the perfect horse?  I did, I watched and watched until the right one was in sight and then I pounced.  I was not quick enough off the mark today to pick the one named after my hubby - well I could hardly push a small child off of said horse (though I admit I did consider it for a small moment!)

Carousel horse
One thing I am never sure of is animals in amusement parks.  I am sure this Sealion is well looked after, he wasn't behaving as perfectly as he should have been and they were having great fun is perfecting his technique.

Californian Sealion

N and D finally plucked up the courage to go on one last ride.   They kept glancing at it from the time we got into the park but it remained the last ride they went on.   V & I chickened out but I can live with that.
Yes, N and D are at the top there
I was brought up to think that it was law to have an ice cream at the seaside so as not to shock anyone, I thought I 'd best take a shot as evidence!!!!!  Some people have questioned my ability to eat ice cream when it is cold......

I did ask N to wear her 40 badge today.  Unfortunately it had a small accident where it went through the washing machine and the number "40" fell off.  I could have been suspicious but thought I'd let her off since we were celebrating her big day!

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