Thursday, 26 September 2013

Crafting day

I haven't been able to show much of my crafting lately as they are mostly presents for Christmas.  I go through phases of crafting, days where I need to do loads and days when I don't touch it at all.  Anni usually helps me in my decision with when I craft.  We have days when she needs to be with me and days when she is happy just to be cuddled up so at least one part of her body is touching mine!

When I first started card making I bought boxes of pre printed cards and stuck bits on them.  I don't think I actually realised that I could buy white cards and decorate them myself - wow, it was a revelation when I learnt I could do that!  Still I have a box full of these pre printed cards which I need to use up so I can concentrate on cards which make me more creative.  The first card I made was for H's 4th Birthday.  He's having a swimming party so when I saw the swimming stickers I knew where to start.

H-4th Birthday card.

On the same theme my nephew O is 6 later this year, so I hope he likes sharks.  I think my Hubby, who will be 40 next year would have happily have had the shark card!!!!!

O's 6th Birthday card.
I love buttons.  I just can't get enough of them.  I don't know why I only "discovered" them late last year.  Any spare buttons can be sent straight to me and if they have dots on them, then I REALLY, really need them! (I love spots).

Spare card.

The other thing I never know what to do with, is those free chipboard die cuts that you get free with magazines.  You know the ones -

How do you make these look fab?
 I've only made one card this evening, using both the chipboard thingys and the pre printed cards - yay!

Finished card.

I do still make mistakes when I craft though.  I love washi tape (too) and especially the starry one below.  I may have not thought it through though when I put it behind a clear sticker - d'oh.

I did buy my hubby a bunch of flowers the other day.  I was complaining that he doesn't buy me them anymore - unless I am pushing his wheelie past the flowers when we go to the supermarket - hardly romantic, so I thought I'd buy him some instead.  Hopefully it'll remind him how much I love
flowers :-)

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