Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shipley Glen Walkies

My Mum and Dad took Anni and I for a drive today.  As a girl it was a real treat to go up to Shipley Glen.  We'd park on the moorland at the top and walk down the glen.  If we were lucky we'd get to go on a little ride at the top of the path down the glen and 20p worth of sweets from a little sweetshop at the bottom of the hill.  If I was with my Grandma we'd usually have an ice cream too. Sadly the rides have all gone and the ground is getting reclaimed by nature.

Today we had a different route.  We went down a different path to a river at the bottom for Anni to have an explore.  She loves water - but isn't sure about the whole swimming malarky!  The woods at the bottom of the glen are gorgeous at this time of year.  Then up the other STEEP side.  My Mum and I were struggling up the steeper bits and when we looked for my Dad he was out of sight.  At the top, he was telling us it was easier with a walking stick - yes, thanks Dad.

Waiting to start the walk

C'mon let's go.......

Dingley Dell?

Anni playing in the stream

Mushrooms everywhere

What do you mean I need to swim?

Wait for me
We're looking forward to our next day of exploring.

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