Sunday, 15 September 2013

Things making me HAPPY this week

1) We've done it.  We've put the deposit down for 4 nights in New York.  When I went with my Mum in November 2012 I fell in love with NY.  As soon as I got home I wanted to go back with my hubby. And we will - lots of planning on travelling with a wheelchair but I am eager to get on with it so we have loads to look forward to.

Freedom Tower

2) Remembering childhood.  I loved riding these when I was little.  I did enjoy having a ride yesterday, even if we were the oldest ones on the ride!

3) She always makes me happy! Woof

Anni B
4) I love this programme and a new series starts tonight.  I am looking to all the up and downs for the next how ever any weeks.  I don't like cooking myself but I am addicted to this programme.  Funnily enough I don't like the English version!

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