Friday, 6 September 2013

It's raining, it's pouring.............

It's been a lovely day today - no really.  I mean how nice is it to get so wet that your feet are swimming in your shoes.............

The day started with a visit to a fabulous local (ish) farm shop.  We've made the decision to try and support local shops and buy better quality ingredients.  The farm shop is at the top of a big hill, the views over our town are amazing.  But in Winter the journey can be interesting to say the least.

Farm shop in the distance, the car park is usually jammed.
Watching the rain
The farm shop also has a fabulous butty stall.  If we've been really good then we treat ourselves to a hot sandwich and sit in the car park to enjoy them.  Sorry I forgot to take a before shot!

Sausage and mushroom sarnie. 

Hubby enjoying sarnie!
 This afternoon we popped into a local high street to price up a holiday.  It was absolutely belting it down.  By the time I'd gotten the wheelchair out of the car I was soaked through.  I'd forgotten the joys of Autumn!  We got soaked and no holiday - Grrrrrrrrr.

Then home and we've spent over 2 hours trying to find a great deal on a trip to New York.  It'd be easy if it were just the hubby and me but our friend N wants to go and 3 travellers puts the price up tremendously.  Ah well, guess we'll just have to keep looking.

Anni has been very playful tonight.  She goes through stages of wanting lots of attention and other stages of wanting to be left alone to sleep.

Ah I'm not getting enough attention - pleeeeeeease.

Ah I'm gorgeous!

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