Saturday, 21 September 2013

To do before the end of the year?

I have great plans of things I want/need to do by the end of the year (I love lists) but I am REALLY pathetic at actually getting them finished.  So to try and encourage me, here is my current list.

1. Buy a frame for some gorgeous cards that my lovely hubby bought me.  I have a plan to frame my favourite 6.  It started out with my favourite 3, but then he sent me more so I had to think again and now I need to frame 6 (this may change!).  I was thinking of framing 3 together and then putting them above my craft desk when we move.  Which are your favourites?

Selection of cards
2. Sort through all my clothes and bin/charity shop as much as possible so I have a core wardrobe of things I love.  Hubby - I may need to buy new clothes to make this happen!

3. Send 5 books per month to the charity shop.

4. Sort through kitchen cupboards and only keep useful stuff!

5. Sort through craft gubbings and donate spare to other crafters - do you want any?

6. Make Birthday rosettes for up and coming birthdays (I need, 1 for a 6 year old and at least 2 for 40 year olds- shush don't tell them).

7. Learn how to crochet - I have learnt some of the basic stitches but I don't know where to put the hook to make the stitches (are they called stitches?)

8. Save £200 to spend in New York (deadline Spring 2014)- this will prove difficult as I a not currently working.

9. Cook/bake one new recipe per week.  I love baking but am not a confident cook.  I can do basic stuff but then I always forget to season things.  (fingers crossed the lamb and sweet potato stew works tomorrow - I don't usually use lamb and have never cooked sweet potato).

10.  Try and help Anni become less nervous of people.

11. Sending off a gorgeous photo that my hubby has stitched together to be printed and framed.

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