Thursday, 5 September 2013

Do you take photos?

I took the camera into Leeds yesterday.  I had intended on taking lots of photos to put on here but the camera battery was nearly dead so I carried it round for nothing!  I have hidden the lead for the camera to the computer but didn't think to hide the battery charger so I'll be trying to find that this weekend.  It drives me mad that nothing is every put away.  Personally I may be messy (my Mum would say definitely but I do know where most things are).  The hubby on the other hand is usually tidier than me but has no idea where he's put things.

I am hopeless with taking photos.  I usually only think of taking the camera in my bag if we're on holiday.  I am hoping to get into the habit of having the camera on me more often so if I see something which makes my heart sing I can take a photo, not sure how long it will take me to make it habit but I guess I just have to try - once I have charged the battery of course!!!  I do have a camera on my phone but I'm never happy with the quality of pictures.

Ok, I did manage 2 photos.  It was a gloriously warm day.  The photo below is of the Council Building.  I have fond memories of this building as I remember going to see a display of wedding presents from the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana there.  The present i remember most is of  handmade bride and groom mice (well I think I was 7 years old at the time).  I remember an enormous queue of people waiting to go in and my Mum not wanting to wait but I was desperate to go in.
Leeds Council Building

Close up of one of the gorgeous clocks

 Tonight I am off to my new sister in laws to see the wedding album and I am very excited to have a look.

Hubby and I at the wedding.

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