Monday, 9 September 2013

Books, books, books

I love reading.  I'll try almost anything- I don't usually read sci-fi but I will try anything else.  Whilst I was working I tried to keep an eye on costs by buying from charity shops or A*azon.  I was always in 2 minds with A*azon, it kept costs down but it didn't help book shops.  Nothing beats the feeling of going to a bookshop and buying a new book.  I get so excited just thinking of the new book awaiting in my bag.  I love getting W*terstones vouchers for Christmas and have usually spent them by 28th December!!!

Since I took redundancy at work I've been aware that books costs a little too much - at least in the volume I read them!!!  So when we had a new library built where I live I was so happy.  I'd not been to a library since I was at University.  The one where I live used to be housed in an awful pre-fab building which I walked past regularly with a little shudder.  When a new school was built across the road, a little library was added to the building.  It's a great facility if a little cold.  It's all modern and bright colours inside but I can't help but feel it is not very inviting.  I expected the children's section to be filled with bright displays on different books - something to entice children into wanting to read new books but as far as I can see there is nothing there.

Anyway I am trying to just get a handful of books each visit.  That way I can read and de-clutter some of the books I own.  However, I may be having trouble sticking to it.....  If you want to order a book, it is so easy to do so online - I may have ordered some and they are slowly trickling into the library.  Last Friday I wasn't going to get any but there were 2 waiting for me.  Everyone knows there's no point just getting 2 so I grabbed some more.

Library books
I am currently reading the Nora Roberts and it is fabulous.  I don't usually like hard backed books as they are too heavy but I couldn't wait for the paperback version of this one.  I either like or loath John Grisham, haven't read him for a while so thought I'd try this one.  Debbie Macomber, 8th book in the series, must remember to order the 9th one, so I know it's on it's way and I always try and pick a new author to try (hence the top book).  You never know who you are going to discover this way.

When I started this post I realised that i haven't posted any crafting photos yet, so here's the badge i made N for her Birthday.

I enjoyed making it so much, I have many more on the go for up coming birthdays!!!!  Who wouldn't like a number badge for their big day?????

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