Sunday, 1 June 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

I'm starting early this week.  As I think of things I'm jotting them down so it's easier on Sunday!!!! (Ok, so I only got the first 2 sorted!).

1) Cake and I didn't make it.  Thanks Mum.  It was lovely and you can make it again PLEASE.
(Pic taken on H's new phone and on the cartoon setting - the original may have been a little out of focus)

2)  Getting my wool order.  I accidentally ticked "will collect" instead of please deliver and they were so fast to contact me to double check and then post out to me.  I love the Stylecraft yarn, it's a little softer than the cheaper stuff I am using to learn to crochet (and you can buy it for only 19p dearer than the cheapest stuff, if you buy online), so win-win in my opinion.

The wool at the bottom is to make a crochet blanket for our bed - I dare say I will need more.  The rest is to make gifts so I can't say more.  Who'd have known a wool delivery could be such a happy day in my house.

3) Hubby managed to do 2 full days at work this week, in a row.  It helped that he had 2 days off for Bank Holiday, and then his day off but he managed it.  It's been a long time coming and he was so proud of himself - bless him.  We both hope the end is in sight and he'll be back to his normal service shortly!!!!!

4) Date night.  We try and have a date night once a week.  This usually takes the form of a takeaway and a film.  This week there was no film but I did cook for a change.  It can be difficult to plan a night out when you have no idea of energy levels due to H's MS, so we try and get round it by planning "us" time regardless.  This means, no Internet time and time to talk.  Last night we remembered how nice it was to sit at the dining table, so we will be doing it more often.  It's the small things.

5) Hubby needing a cake, yes he NEEDED a cake yesterday.  What kind of wife would I be if I didn't try and make his life a little better?  (and it's helped Mum and Dad decide  to come down and walk Anni this afternoon so they can have a piece too........)

 Oh I was so tempted to shove his face into it. If only I had been closer eh love?

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