Saturday, 21 June 2014

Urghhhh and feeling better

This week has been a real struggle.  Apart from my last post, I have also been full of cold, we needed food ( think 2 nights in a row of takeaways - at one point that would have made me happy, but not anymore), and sad news from a friend (massive hugs).

Is it me, or does bad news, bad feelings seem to attract more bad/sad news???

I was feeling down by last evening, we had no fresh food, bread, milk in the house.  I'd eaten 1 meal a day for 3 days to keep us going for as long as possible (and I wasn't hungry before anyone thinks I am a martyr).  I'd gone through too many toilet rolls blowing my nose.  I was in a bad mood with the MS - it REALLY gets to me when I am sick as there is no one to help (my parents were on holiday).  When H is sick, I can pop out and buy anything we need, when I am sick, we make do and mend!!!!!

 Anyway as he arrived home last night I used up my ounce of energy to get to the car and we went to our local shops (I was determined we would not have more takeaway).  Oh my gosh, you can tell I was ill, I spent £30 on junk food to get us through the weekend.  I never do that anymore, I now love my fruit and making meals.  But my basket was full of junk to get us through the weekend, in case I still didn't feel well.  Of course, I've woken up this morning and feel a lot better, go figure.  Must be that family sized box of shortbread we started last night :-)  Let's just see if my voice holds out or we may need another box!!!!!!!!!

By later in the evening I was itching to craft.  I am knitting a blanket for a Christmas present for little L who is 2.  I want to get the main body of the blanket done so I can take it up to my local craft shop to pick the wool for the border.  Boy was it a struggle last night.  I was desperate to do something, but every bit of me ached.  Still I proved that my mind is stronger then my body and I managed a little bit - then I ate more shortbread!!!!

PS H knows me so well.  He came home with a bag of Giant chocolate buttons - what else would cheer me us so easily :-)

PPS Last night we had sarnies for tea!!

PPS Anni has been a star.  Desperate for a walk but knowing that there was no way I could manage it she's happily curled up by my side/at my feet - she loves feet (apparently it is a lab thing???).  She's in for a treat today when my parents come down and we pop into the local woods.  She loves it in there.

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