Sunday, 29 June 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Making me happy this week.

1) Finishing this book.  YIPHEE.

OMG.  It's taken me over 11 months to finish this book - this is unheard of.  I bought it at the airport last year as my treat to take on holiday.  I was so excited to read it, then I started it.  Sorry Dawn, it just didn't work for me.  Maybe my expectations were too high - but I didn't laugh once.  I nearly cried a few times - it just never ended.  Now, I do not like a book to beat me.  Indeed, there are only 3/4 books that I have never finished.  ("Robinson Crusoe" lives under the bath panel, "Mr Pip" - started about 5 years ago, just found in a pile - added back to the try again pile, something about a man and a devil, "The Book of Dave" - so very nearly finished but not been touched for many a year).

I just don't like books beating me.  For many a year, I'd keep going as books weren't going to beat me.  Then I decided life was too short and if I was really struggling, I could give up - but I have to REALLY not like it to allow myself to fail.

Still I "won" this time.  Now, any suggestions of what to read next?

2) Tidying the house.  I have been on a real tidy session this week.  Bags to the charity shop, bags in the bin and recycling (paper bin full up).  I am a hoarder but am trying to do something about it.  When I look at any object my natural inclination is to put it to one side, "I may need it later".  Well I am putting in a lot of effort to bin/charity/recycle or keep each item.  To be fair, I have spent time tidying out cupboards to fill with things I am not ready to make a decision about but I have made a start.

3) Spending time with my family.  Never a bad thing - shush Mum!

4) The first time a friend comes to stay - ok, so I am nearly 40 but am still excited to have a sleep over.........  and it made me clean and tidy (nearly) the entire house.  I must invite people for tea whilst it is clean and tidy.  Anyone for tea?  I may even bake a cake!!!!

5) Anni not being scared when said friend came to stay.  There was a little bit of Grrrr -ing but quickly gotten over.  Anni then became very friendly - I do so hope that this is a sign of things to come.

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