Monday, 30 June 2014

First time

After the rush of clearing and tidying last week, I am having a softer week this week.  It has been a mostly sunny day today and sometimes being in the house, I forget to enjoy the outdoors.  In my disappointment that we don't have a garden as such, I forget that I do have outdoor space which I can still enjoy.

This afternoon, after doing the bits of housework I needed to do to keep up with last week, I decided to sit outside with my knitting.   Now I have never even thought of crafting outside!!!  I read other blogs with envy when I see people sat outside crocheting or knitting - nope, it has never entered my head to do the same thing until today!!!!!  D'oh.  The sun was shining, washing was drying on the line - bliss.  Anni even came out to join me........

I love the shadow of the washing
The sky was so blue, the photo below does not do it justice really.  There were less clouds when I settled down with my knitting.

I'm not arty farty with my photos.  But I do love the old and the new below.  This bench is just outside the back door and has taken a lot of bums in it's time!!  Our back yard gets the sunshine in the late afternoon and evening and is a real sun trap.  Indeed, by late afternoon it is often too hot to sit out there.

The sunshine really shows the true colours that I have chosen for this blanket.  I am desperate to get it long enough so I can add a border.  I have AGES before it needs to be handed over (it's for Christmas) but I am enjoying seeing it grow and really want to get it to the next stage.  I hope to have more hand crafted gifts to give this year, so I must start thinking of what else I can create.

 Erm, I think I need to work on my tan.  It doesn't feel that we have had an over abundant amount of sunshine so far this year and I don't really tan.  I do draw the line at pasty white legs though so I do need to remember to sit outdoors more often so that I do not embarrass myself on holiday!

Anni gets spooked by ANY little noise and runs inside and cries at the top of the stairs. She's been like this since we first got here.  She is more relaxed in the front yard - but that is on a busy main road and I don't like sitting out there with her too much as I have to keep watching her like a hawk (just in case).  We have tried shutting the door behind us, so she has to sit in the garden with us but after 20 mins of crying we give up and she's back inside.  I had music playing today but still wasn't ok with Anni :-(

This is the last photo I got before she pushed me out of the way to get back inside.  No idea, what spooked her at this point as it was quiet.  She does have a habit of standing by the gates staring into nothing and will quite happily stand there for 20 minutes- usually at bed time!!  Unless we want to sit outside and enjoy the quiet..... c'mon hubby a glass of something in the back yard when you get home would be perfect.

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  1. I have fond memories of trips to the seaside (by bus, when I lived near enough) with my mother who made soft toys as a hobby. She would always take a HUGE bag of tacking to do while we sat on the beach.