Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New York 4

Our last full day in New York and for the first time it is a little overcast and the forecast is rain.  Today we have planned to go to Top of the Rock and Central Park and nothing is going to stop us.

First stop is the Rockefeller Center (had to change the spelling to the American, since we were in NY but it took 2 attempts!!).  Now I have been here with my Mum in November a few years ago and I was impressed by the views over Central Park (albeit in Winter) so was eager to see it again.  I had to ask for the disabled entrance as I couldn't find a way in without steps but we got there.  This was the only time we got preferential treatment due to the wheelchair (except for flights) and it worked well.  We were directed to a sales desk on the same level as we were (I was a little jealous that everyone else had to go down a fabulous spiral staircase to get their tickets) and then directed to a private elevator to get to the next level.  On this level we had to go through metal detector's - erm, the one set up for wheelchairs needs to be a little wider - I don't THINK I damaged it!!!!!!!  Then into another elevator (no queues) and we were off.  I find the fast elevator a little off putting, but when you step out at the first stop and turn left you are immediately hit with views of Central Park.

Then onto the next level and views over the other side of the building (our hotel was just by the Empire State Building).

 I love the architecture of this building.

Do you see "Not the Empire State Building" hiding behind the MetLife building below?? I love that building, it's on my list of things to see next time we go to New York (Pretty please let there be a next time)

Then onto the top level - can you tell it was a little cold and windy?????  He's such a wuss.

but then it got to our hair so it was time to go!!!!

A quick hot chocolate break and on to Central Park.  I love that we were in the city for Spring and fabulous flowers.

A quick drink and onto Tiffany's for a new charm for my bracelet.  Now I love Tiffany's and have always wanted to visit here so I think I was a little tired and wasn't really bothered - Grrrrrrrrrr.  So you can imagine my happiness when I noticed that H was missing his bag.  Turns out he'd left it in the Gents in Central Park.  Now we think we know who took it (no it wasn't there when we got back) but there you go, such is life.  H should agree one thing though - he is a MUPPET (yes you H).

Anyway, by the time we'd gone back to check for his bag my hands were so painful from the wheelchair handles that I was not in a happy place- until we got back to the hotel and had a glass of wine or two in the bar.  Then the world suddenly seemed a little better :-)

On our last night we went to a fabulous bar/restaurant across the road from the hotel.  Now the only reason I chose it was it had a ramp and it was so close.  I was prepared to be disappointed after the bar of the first night but boy were we in for a surprise.  We ended up in Brendans and we were all more than happy.  You go in through a bar but then the room opens up into a fabulous restaurant.  We all enjoyed our meals and agreed we wished we'd tried it on the first night.

Can anyone tell me why none of us thought to go up the Empire State Building to see the city by night??  I blame tiredness as I have no other excuses.

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